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This site used to track conferences in arithmetic geometry; it has been mostly replaced by this dynamic list generated using the back end. An archive of the material from the old list can be found here.

Going forward, this site will be maintained solely as a "rumor tracker" for the purposes of advance planning. For the purposes of this site, any conference with a web site is considered a fact rather than a rumor, and should be posted to MathMeetings (and then removed from this list). Note that MathMeetings includes conferences in all areas of mathematics, tagged by arXiv subject codes; use the tags for "algebraic geometry" and/or "number theory" to make the result visible in my dynamic list.

Here are some other conference lists, with overlapping but distinct areas of focus. (I admit to swiping listings from all of these sources; the converse is encouraged!)


  • AMS Central/Western sectional meeting, March 22-24, Honolulu (special sessions: algebraic groups, Galois cohomology, and local-global principles; algebraic number theory and Diophantine equations; algebraic points; arithmetic dynamics; arithmetic and transcendence of special functions; emerging connections with number theory; factorization and arithmetic properties of integral domains and monoids; mathematics of cryptography; recent advances and applications of modular forms; recent developments in automorphic forms)
  • Arithmetic Geometry and Quantum Field Theory, August 12-16, KIAS, Seoul
  • TBA (Bernard Le Stum 60th), September 18-20, Padova
  • p-adic cohomology and arithmetic geometry 2019, November 11-15, Sendai
  • Zeta Functions, December 2-6, CIRM, Luminy


  • Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 15-18, Denver (special sessions: TBA)
  • Relative Aspects of the Langlands Program, L-Functions and Beyond Endoscopy, May 25-29, CIRM, Luminy
  • ANTS (Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium), June or July, location TBA
  • Introductory Workshop: Decidability, definability and computability in number theory, August 24-28, MSRI, Berkeley
  • Topical workshop: Decidability, definability and computability in number theory, December 7-11, MSRI, Berkeley
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