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  • Welcome to ICERM! If you want to beat the crowds on Wednesday, you can check in Tuesday (Sep 8) anytime between 9 AM and 5 PM.
  • A preliminary list of long term participants with the projected dates for their visits is now available as pdf. (Update: this is replaced by ICERM's official list, see above.)
  • The organizing meeting for the algebra/NT and algebraic geometry seminars at Brown will take place on Wednesday, September 16. Dan Abramovic writes:

The Brown algebra and algebraic geometry seminar organizing meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 16, at 4pm in Kassar room 205.

Please note special day, time and location.

Please come and provide your suggestions, or send your suggestions in case you can't make it. Also let us know if you would like to be taken off this list, or if you know of someone who would like to join it. The algebra seminar will continue to convene Mondays at 4 in Kassar 105. It is organized by Steve Lichtenbaum and Mike Rosen. The algebraic geometry seminar on Fridays at 3 in Kassar 205. It will be organized by some subset of Nathan, Brendan, Melody and me.

The first scheduled seminar is on Friday, September 18 at 3pm, when Irene Bouw (Ulm) will speak.

Title: Existence of covers of curve in positive characteristic

Abstract: We discuss some results on the existence and nonexistence of covers of curves with prescribed tame ramification in positive characteristic, We consider construction of covers in positive characteristic using stable reduction of covers in characteristic zero. This yields results on Hurwitz curves.

  • Jeff Hoffstein will be teaching a graduate course this semester that may be of interest to some junior participants. To quote:

Hi Everyone,

I'll be giving what is essentially a second year graduate class in analytic algebraic number theory. It will start this coming Tuesday and will be held, at the moment, from 2:30 - 3:50 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Kassar 105 in the math dept on the corner of George and Thayer. The class will develop the basic theory of algebraic number fields, and present Hecke's approach to obtaining the analytic continuation and functional equation of the Dedekind zeta function. Please let me know if you might be interested in attending. If there is sufficient interest I will move the class to ICERM.

--Jeff Hoffstein

  • The wiki now supports file uploads, which will be used to attach slides, lecture notes, and the like. As usual, to get material onto the wiki, contact any program organizer.
  • For a quick orientation to the town of Providence, see this short short local guide.
  • For questions or comments regarding ICERM facilities, including ICERM's web site (rather than this wiki), please see or email Jeff Hoffstein. This is likely to lead to a faster response than contacting a program organizer.
  • The 10th floor classroom is available as a collaborative space. The ICERM conference room is available as a quiet working space, especially for graduate students. To book one of these rooms for an activity, see Danielle Izzi at the front desk.
  • ICERM has posted a list of visitors with arrival and departure dates.
  • ICERM is soliciting proposals for their new Collaborate@ICERM program, in which groups of 3-6 gather for focused research. Applications from collaborations originating from semester programs are especially encouraged!
  • Volunteers are being sought for the roundtable discussions. For more information, see the schedule and sign up on the sign-up sheet.
  • Irene Bouw has posted notes for her mini-course on stable reduction.
  • David Roberts has posted notes for (the first lecture in) his mini-course on hypergeometric motives.
  • There will be an AGNES (Algebraic Geometry Northeastern Series) conference October 2-4, immediately after the first thematic workshop; this includes a public lecture Friday evening by Jordan Ellenberg. Those wishing to attend are asked to register here as soon as possible.
  • On Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10, the 11th floor collaborative space and lecture hall will be unavailable due to building maintenance. We have rearranged the weekly schedule accordingly.
  • The 11th floor lecture hall will be unavailable during the morning on Friday, October 16, due to more building maintenance. That day's schedule has been adjusted accordingly.
  • David Farmer and Ralf Schmidt have provided their handout for their mini-course What is an L-function? There are also live-TeXed notes.
  • Irene Bouw and Stefan Wewers have provided updated notes for their three-part minicourse on stable reduction.
  • Ralf Schmidt's minicourse on the Paramodular Conjecture for genus 2 curves now has notes compiled by John Voight.
  • Notes from Noam Elkies's talk are now available.
  • Effective 11:30 AM Monday, Nov 2, the LMFDB database is in "read-only mode": any modifications to the data, including knowls, will be lost after a system upgraded is concluded (hopefully within the next 24 hours). The code repository on github will not be affected. Another announcement will be posted here once things return to normal. (Update from 6 PM the same day: everything is back to normal.)
  • Here is a draft schedule for the third workshop. However, much of this is subject to change (in particular, the dates and some titles are wrong); the official schedule will be posted on ICERM's web site.
  • The schedule for the third workshop is posted on the ICERM main schedule page. The link from the workshop main page will be added shortly.
  • The LMFDB database is back to normal.
  • The schedule for the third workshop is now posted.
  • The slides from Michael Rubinstein's minicourse are now available.
  • The slides from David Roberts's second minicourse are now available.
  • The slides from Henri Cohen's minicourse lecture are now available.
  • Notes from Freydoon Shahidi's talk are available with some typos fixed.
  • The slides from David Roberts's third minicourse lecture are now available.
  • The slides from Drew Sutherland's minicourse on Sato-Tate groups are now available.
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