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This wiki contains archived information related to the ICERM fall 2015 special semester Computational Aspects of the Langlands Program. This program included three topical workshops:

at whose individual web sites one may find more information, such as lecture notes.


Notes and slides

  • The questions mentioned during the discussion on the first day of the program.
  • Irene Bouw and Stefan Wewers have provided updated notes for their three-part minicourse on stable reduction.
  • David Roberts has provided slides 1 for his mini-course Hypergeometric Motives I.
  • David Farmer and Ralf Schmidt have provided their handout for their mini-course What is an L-function? There are also live-TeXed notes compiled by Kiran Kedlaya.
  • Ralf Schmidt's minicourse on the Paramodular Conjecture for genus 2 curves now has notes compiled by John Voight.
  • Notes from Noam Elkies's talk are now available.
  • Notes from Brendan Hassett's talk are now available.
  • Notes from Freydoon Shahidi's talk are now available.
  • The slides from Michael Rubinstein's minicourse are now available.
  • The slides from Henri Cohen's talk are now available.
  • The slides from David Roberts's second minicourse lecture are now available.
  • The slides from David Roberts's third minicourse lecture are now available.
  • The slides from Drew Sutherland's minicourse on Sato-Tate groups are now available.

Past announcements/schedules

Key contacts

  • ICERM issues (their web site, building, computer facilities): Jeff Hoffstein.
  • Research seminar: Alina Bucur.
  • Minicourses: John Jones, Kiran Kedlaya, Holly Swisher.
  • Workshops: their respective organizers.
  • This wiki: any program organizer (Bucur, Conrey, Farmer, Jones, Kedlaya, Rubinstein, Swisher, Voight).
  • LMFDB mailing list and development: David Farmer.
  • Problem session: John Cremona.
  • Brown seminars: Dan Abramovich, Joe Silverman, Steve Lichtenbaum.

Weekly schedule template

Effective Sep 14-Dec 4, excluding workshop weeks (Sep 28-Oct 3, Oct 19-23, Nov 9-13) and holidays (Oct 12, Nov 26-27). For seminars at Brown, see below for directions.

The following activities are for graduate students/postdocs only, and so will not be listed in the weekly schedule: Peer to Peer Seminar; professional development roundtables; Jeff Hoffstein's graduate course.

Each week's schedule will be finalized and transmitted to ICERM the previous Thursday evening. If you make any changes after that time, please also notify Jeff Hoffstein so that ICERM can copy the changes over.

How to read this table: each row represents a 30-minute time block starting at the specified time. For instance, the research seminar starts at 4pm on Thursday.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 course on quaternion algebras

(John Voight)

work day

(no scheduled activities)

course on quaternion algebras

(John Voight)


(various lecturers)

course on quaternion algebras

(John Voight)

11:00 introductions, announcements problem session

(lab meeting)

12:00 lunch, informal discussion,

work on LMFDB (in conference room)

2:00 minicourses

(various lecturers)

3:00 Brown algebraic geometry seminar
3:30 (coffee/tea)
4:00 Brown algebra/NT seminar research seminar

Other local events of possible interest

Getting to Brown

The Brown math department is located in Kassar House, at the corner of Thayer St. and George St. Options for getting there:

  • Walk up the steep hill on Hopkins St., which becomes George. Allow 15 minutes.
  • Take the bus from the stop at Waterman and North Main towards campus, get off at the first stop (tunnel and Thayer) and turn right (towards the tall tower that is the Science Library) on Thayer. The math department is 1.5 blocks that way. The bus costs $2.
  • Brown runs a shuttle that stops across the street from ICERM and then goes to campus. You need to show a Brown ID to board. See schedule/tracker.
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